How To Brew Traditional Senegalese Touba Coffee

Touba coffee is a traditional Senegalese style of coffee that is known for its unique flavor and invigorating effects. 9 AM Somewhere Coffee offers the best Touba coffee online in different flavors and varieties. Here are the steps to brew this delicious specialty coffee and its variants. Shop online today!

How To Brew Traditional Senegalese Touba Coffee

General Instructions

When brewing coffee, you'll want to gather all of your ingredients. Here, you just need a bag of our wonderful Touba coffee, water, and whatever your favorite mix-ins are, from milk and cream to sugar and cinnamon.


Ground Coffee Drip Coffee Instructions

For every 1 gram of grounded Touba coffee, we recommend that you add 16.6 grams of water. For example, for a 6 oz cup of coffee (1 serving), we recommend 0.38oz of ground coffee and 6 fl. oz of water. Every bag of our Touba coffee is 12 oz with 32 servings in a bag.


Ground Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Instructions

You'll want to use 1 gram of our delectable Touba coffee for every 11 grams of water. Soak in water and brew for 16-18 hours. Once this is finished, you can add whatever you like to the finished product, from sugar to cream. The sky's the limit to enjoy our best specialty coffees!


Cold Brew Concentrate Instructions

The mix for our Touba coffee cold brew concentrates is 1-part cold brew and 2-3 parts water depending on how “strong” you would like your coffee. Again, flavor your favorite way for a great cup of coffee!


Remember, brewing Touba coffee is an art, aND it might take a few tries to find the perfect combination for you. Here at 9 AM Somewhere Coffee, we offer the best Cafe Touba Senegal coffee. Try our original flavor or indulge in Vanilla or Cinnamon Hazelnut. Shop online today!

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